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Help For Children (HFC) was founded in 1998 by Rob Davis (pictured above), a veteran financial industry executive, with the goal of raising funds from the hedge fund and alternative investment industries for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.  Founded as Hedge Funds Care in New York City, HFC has since grown to include 10 locations and is now supported by the broader alternative investment community.  Since its inception HFC has invested more than $56 million (USD) to fight child abuse, transforming the lives of more than 1.1 million children.

To ensure the funds HFC raises are most effectively deployed, Mr. Davis innovated the approach of working with social and child welfare experts in each location to identify the strongest programs to grant to, and then evaluate how effectively the funds are put to use. Today, HFC has academic consultant relationships in all locations, guiding grant-making with a Grant Committee made up of finance industry professionals.  Currently, Mr. Davis serves as Chairman Emeritus of the organization, and remains deeply committed to helping protect and heal innocent children from the trauma of abuse.


HFC Cayman Islands was founded in 2005 as Help For Children / Hedge Funds Care second international affiliate. Since inception, the affiliate has distributed over $3.1 million (KYD) to agencies and organizations in Cayman that work to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

HFC Cayman plays a vital role in addressing attitudes surrounding child abuse and neglect in Cayman.  The group began by bringing together every child protection agency on the island in a forum to discuss the issues surrounding prevention, public awareness and service provision, giving the committee an understanding of where HFC Cayman funds would be best placed while also providing a blueprint for a long term plan for child welfare.

Since that time, great strides have been made in building awareness of the problem and the traumas inflicted; organizations are working together, forming alliances that cover specialized training of key employees and persons dealing with young victims of abuse; and specific personnel needs have been identified and met through HFC funding.

For a complete list of the current grantees and their projects, click here.

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