2017KYD $50,000

The Cayman Islands Crisis Center (CICC)

Cayman Islands

Estella's Place and TAYA Lounge

HFC funds support a Drop-in Center to provide aftercare services and counseling for victims of violence and the TAYA Lounge to provide a safe space for at-risk young people.

2017KYD $28,000

Cayman Islands Red Cross

Cayman Islands

“Protection Starts Here” Campaign

HFC supports the Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention training for adults and a safety certification for youth serving organizations. 

CAYS Foundation
2017KYD $55,000

Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation

Cayman Islands

Family Support Counselor

HFC supports the Family Support Worker to provide family education, personal and family counseling, and referral services for the children residing at the residential homes.

DCFS - Government Seal
2017KYD $55,600

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Cayman Islands

Therapeutic Foster Care Unit

HFC funds support the Therapeutic Foster Care Unit Social Worker, providing care to children and young persons with complex, severe behavioral, emotional and learning mental health needs. 

DCS Logo
2017KYD $45,000

Department of Counselling Services (DCS)

Cayman Islands

Support for Prevention and Intervention Programmes

HFC supports the sessional workers who provide parenting programmes to decrease the risk of current or future child abuse in the community.

HSA Logo
2017KYD $31,050

Health Services Authority (HSA)

Cayman Islands

Child Sexual Abuse Intervention & Treatment Program

HFC supports the advanced training and certification of clinical staff in the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of children with child abuse symptoms.

2017KYD $10,000

National Council of Voluntary Organizations

Cayman Islands

Foster Home Aftercare Programme

HFC supports the Care Manager’s work with an aftercare program to prepare and support youth who age out of the residential home to live independently in the community. 

2017KYD $17,000

Special Needs Foundation of Cayman (SNFC)

Cayman Islands

Child Abuse Prevention for Children with Disabilities

HFC supports the Family Support Worker to conduct home visits for children with special needs who are at highest risk, and makes community presentations to build awareness.

2018KYD $18,924

Ministry of Education

Cayman Islands

School-Based Interventions for Child At-Risk for Child Abuse

HFC funds support education to government secondary school children on how to recognize abusive situations in coordination with a Life Skills teachers and counsellors.

2018KYD $25,000

Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS)

Cayman Islands

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub for Children & Families

HFC funds support an RCIPS Staff Wellness Program for Police Child Safeguarding staff that  psychologically prepares, monitors and supports key staff in their child safeguarding roles.

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