2020KYD $25,000

The Cayman Islands Crisis Center (CICC)

Cayman Islands

TAYA Lounge

TAYA is the Crisis Centre's Teen and Young Adult lounge, a drop-in center that provides a safe space for at-risk youth;  ; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year 

2020KYD $34,000

Cayman Islands Red Cross

Cayman Islands

Mobile Health & Wellness Checks for Vulnerable Children & Protection Starts Here

COVID-19 response program & virtual child abuse prevention training pilot project; includes two 6-month grant periods for 2020-2021 grant year 

DCFS - Government Seal
2020KYD $5,000

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Cayman Islands

Habakkuk House: Sensory Room

Safe learning space where at-risk children with physical and mental disabilities can be with DCFS staff for learning, therapy and sensory activities;  includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year 

DCS Logo
2020KYD $20,000

Department of Counselling Services (DCS)

Cayman Islands

Family Resource Centre (FRC)

Prevention/intervention services to address teenage behavioral, emotional and developmental problems by enhancing parents' skills and confidence;  includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year 

Inclusion Cayman
2020KYD $10,000

Inclusion Cayman (formerly Special Needs Foundation)

Cayman Islands

COVID-19 Response to Vulnerable Groups

Needs assessment survey to better address material and service needs of vulnerable children with disabilities and their families; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

NCVO new logo
2020KYD $20,000

National Council of Volunteer Organisations (NCVO)

Cayman Islands

Trauma Sensitive Approach to the Care and Education of Early Childhood & Group Home Residents

*An organisation-wide program; includes one 6-month grant

YMCA Cayman
2020KYD $10,000

YMCA of the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

YMCA Prevent & Protect

Provides at-risk youth and families with social and emotional skills needed to navigate COVID-19 crisis and learn about child protection; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year 

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